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Why work with us?

You are looking for access to the German market for


  • Engine and vehicle components for the Aftermarket

  • Engine and vehicle components for the supply to OEM’s


             We are your partner!


Before a project gets approval, we evaluate the market and the project potential. We start by creating a customized plan for your project / product.


We support to choose your target customer(s) and schedule visits, presentations and trainings at the customers place.


Due to our excellent contacts in the automotive industry we are able to create your individual concept and guide you through the project steps such as acquisition, sales, technical advice and quality topics. We act as the regional Sales office for your product continuously to assist with daily sales communication and ongoing visits in local language.


Based on many years of experience gained by working for market leading automotive companies (OEM suppliers as well as spare parts manufacturers) you can count on our solid network and close contacts at all hierarchy levels at your customer’s enterprise.


We work mainly with non-German manufacturers to support them getting a footprint in the German market but we offer this service also in selected east- and south-european countries.


Please contact us for further information.

Market access is the first step to


Why work with us
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